We are Heebee Vietnam, a group of Vietnamese people with a great enthusiasm for Vietnamese native herbs. Our childhood was closely associated with the caring hands of our grandmothers and mothers, using native herbs and natural remedies passed down from our predecessors. As these remedies and native plants have helped us grow up healthily, we realize that it would be an extreme waste if this valuable "treasure" is not inherited and promoted for its useful medicinal value.

Aiming to preserve traditional values, we – the Vietnam innovators, aspire to actualize the dream of applying scientific and technological advancements to transform the natural herbal resources of Vietnam into beauty products that are both useful and sustainably valuable for society.

On November 23, 2017, in Ho Chi Minh City, Heebee was born from the effort of young scientists with the desire to create 100% natural beauty and healthcare products for the Vietnamese people.

Throughout our development, the Heebee R&D team continuously innovates and perfects beauty formulas inspired by traditional remedies, which are both effective and suitable for modern lifestyles and Vietnamese people’s skin conditions. 


"Hebes" is the name of a goddess in Greek mythology. She is the daughter of Zeus and Hera, and her name in Greek means "youth and vitality." Goddess Hebes holds the fountain of immortality, embodying the strongest essence of regeneration, rejuvenation, and eternal youth.

Inspiring from the image of Hebes, the name “Heebee Vietnam” was born, conveying the spirit of "BEAUTIFY YOU BEAUTIFY LIFE" to each of its products.


In the Vietnamese market, when it comes to domestic cosmetic brands, specifically green beauty brands, it can be seen that there are not many Vietnamese brands with big impacts on society or, on a larger scale, capable of being the “market challengers” to other international brands. This is also one of the motivations driving Heebee to launch a purely Vietnamese green beauty brand, using traditional ingredients, and produced 100% by Vietnamese experts.

Vietnam, with its extensive regions of high-quality medicinal herbs across the country, provides a significant advantage for green beauty businesses like Heebee in our long-term development. Therefore, having the opportunity to accompany Vietnamese farmers on the journey to enhance the value and economic significance of these medicinal herb regions is a great honor for us.

From the in-depth research process to create beauty products with high medicinal and economic value, our products are a great combination of Vietnam raw materials and modern production technology. At Heebee, we have incorporated nano-technology and green extraction technology in our manufacturing. This aims to create industrial waste that can be reused as fertilizer for crops, reducing the amount of harmful waste released into the environment.

On a broader scale, the Vietnamese market has taken appropriate steps in line with the green consumer trend. However, achieving success in the transition from consumer awareness to action still requires many efforts. Heebee, a business orienting towards green products, will contribute more to the mission of creating positive values in encouraging customers to adopt green consumption practices, thereby minimizing pressure on the environment and society.

We minimize packaging, use recyclable material bottles, and reduce the use of paper in packagings. Heebee encourages customers to protect the environment by reusing our bottles, which can be refilled from larger packages at a more affordable price.

Since its early days, Heebee has been very serious about researching and producing products that meet cGMP standards, creating opportunities for research students and organic chemistry students in Vietnam to develop themselves. Our work also helps them focus on researching and formulating unique formulas, improving the quality of products, therefore enhancing the value of Vietnamese green cosmetics.


Heebee is proud to announce the change of its brand identity as part of the development plan and improvement of the quality of green cosmetics.

The old logo has accompanied us on a 3-year entrepreneurial journey and has served as a connection, helping Heebee reach and serve customers with high-quality natural beauty products.

The new Heebee logo is an improvement of the original logo and features an illustration of three leaves representing the image of green and nature in cosmetics.

Three small leaves carry many significant meanings: Green - Clean - Sustainable, nestled within the letter "B," facing the sun. This symbolizes the goal of researching and creating Vietnamese beauty products that fully embody the essence of traditional herbal ingredients within each product.

The brand’s key color is taken from the healthy and modern navy green, creating a fresh, innovative, youthful, and passionate brand image.

With the new brand identity, Heebee aims to formulate even more optimized green cosmetic products in our portfolio, suitable for more customers, and accompany them on their beauty journey.

The new Heebee brand identity will be used on all Heebee official channels starting from January 22, 2021.



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