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17 Tháng 05
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Official Registration Open For "The Marketer Future 2024"

1. Competition Information

Register before March 8: [Registration Form](

1.1 Participants
- All students currently studying in Ho Chi Minh City

1.2 Benefits
- Criteria for “5 Good Student” evaluation
- 5 extra training points added to Article 1 for participating students
- 7 extra points for finalists
- Additionally, participants will receive gifts from the program sponsors

2. About the Competition
- The Marketer Future 2024 is a competition that simulates the marketing process for students currently studying in Ho Chi Minh City.
- The Marketer Future 2024 continues the mission of Start-Up 2023 to develop potential and connect high-quality human resources to find a transformative turning point for themselves. The door to conquering your talents is always open to anyone who dares to step out of their comfort zone. Are you ready to conquer?
- By joining the competition, you will have the opportunity to:
- Equip yourself with knowledge, implement and develop your project to create a complete project.
- Interact and learn from fellow students, especially those who are passionate about and interested in entrepreneurship.
- Receive training from experienced professionals.
- Enhance your CV, increasing internship opportunities at large companies and corporations.

3. Timeline and Rules for the Rounds

3.1 Kick-Off Round: CV (Feb 26 - Mar 4)
- Students fill in the registration form completely.
- Note: The Organizing Committee will only accept the first submitted registration to ensure fairness. Successful registrations will receive a confirmation email; contestants should check their Spam/Promotion folders to avoid missing any information and instructions from the Organizing Committee.

3.2 Round 1: Pursuit (Mar 8 - Mar 23, 2024)
- Round 1 task: Plan or create a proposal for a product campaign (choose from the product set sent via email by the Organizing Committee) from Heebee Vietnam | High-Tech Natural Cosmetics that you wish to develop.

3.3 Round 2: Pitching (Mar 26, 2024)
- The TOP 10 contestants in Round 2 will have the opportunity to attend an EXCLUSIVE training week from reputable sponsor companies and professional mentors.
- Note: Teams will present (30 minutes/team) directly to the judges.
  + Each team has up to 20 minutes for their presentation and 10 minutes for Q&A with the judges.
  + To ensure intellectual property rights and fair competition, teams will present individually to the judges.

3.4 Round 3: Breakthrough (Apr 2 - Jun 2)
- The grand finale with the participation of thousands of students nationwide - where the TOP 10 outstanding candidates compete to find the Champion of The Marketer Future 2024.
- The stage is set, waiting for the best candidates to arrive. Are you ready to write your own story? Register to become a Marketer Future 2024 before March 8: 

[Registration Form](

Contact Information:
- Email:
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