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15 Tháng 06
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Gala and Talkshow "Entrepreneurs essentials" - Event Summary

On June 4th, 2024, at Hall 602, 97 Vo Van Tan Campus, Ho Chi Minh City Open University, the Gala and Talkshow "Entrepreneurs' Toolkit" by Heebee's took place successfully, bringing a wealth of emotions and valuable knowledge to the attending students and guests.

1. Talkshow "Entrepreneurs' essentials":

The talk show featured three main speakers:

 - Mr. Le Bao Quoc: CEO and Founder of Modoro, an expert in Affiliate Marketing.

 - Ms. Vo Thi Nhat Thanh: Founder of Heebee's and a member of the competition's judging panel.

- Mr. Nguyen Hong Quan: Strategic advisor and board member of Heebee's, and a member of the competition's advisory board.

Insights from Mr. Le Bao Quoc:

Mr. Le Bao Quoc shared his challenging yet opportunistic entrepreneurial journey with Modoro. From the early difficult days, he gradually built and developed the brand, becoming one of the leading experts in Affiliate Marketing. He emphasized the importance of perseverance and continuous learning to keep growing.

Mr. Lê Bảo Quốc - CEO and Founder of Modoro

Insights from Ms. Vo Thi Nhat Thanh:

Ms. Vo Thi Nhat Thanh, the founder of Heebee's, shared her story of building a natural skincare brand. With passion and dedication to natural skincare products, she has provided customers with high-quality, safe, and effective products. She also emphasized the role of listening to customer feedback and continuously improving products.

Ms. Võ Thị Nhật Thanh - Founder of Heebee's

Insights from Mr. Nguyen Hong Quan:

Mr. Nguyen Hong Quan offered a strategic perspective on entrepreneurship and business development. He highlighted the importance of having a clear strategy, long-term vision, and thorough preparation for the challenges on the entrepreneurial path.

Mr. Nguyễn Hồng Quân - Strategic Advisor & Member of the Board of Directors at Heebee's

2. Awards for Outstanding Contestants:

The event also provided an opportunity to award the outstanding contestants of the semi-final round of "The Marketer Future 2024" competition. The teams showcased their creativity and efforts in their projects. The awards were presented by the judging panel, esteemed sponsors, and professors from Ho Chi Minh City Open University, motivating students to continue pursuing their passions.

Heybee Project: Ho Chi Minh City Open University

Probee Project: Ho Chi Minh City Open University

5G Project: Foreign Trade University, Campus II - FTU2

3. Heebee's Product Exhibition:

At the event, Heebee's natural skincare products were displayed, allowing guests to experience and view the products firsthand. These products received special attention from the students and guests due to their quality and natural origins. Additionally, to show appreciation to the esteemed sponsors, professors, and participating teams, Heebee's prepared small gifts, hoping everyone could try and experience the effective quality Heebee's offers.

4. Musical Performance at the End:

The gala concluded with a lively and emotional musical performance, bringing a joyful and energetic atmosphere to all attendees. This was truly an unforgettable gala night, marking the success of the event and leaving a lasting impression.

The talk show and the FUMA competition gala awards were not only opportunities to learn and share entrepreneurial experiences but also occasions to honor traditional cultural values and creativity in business. Heebee's hopes to continue receiving your support and participation in future events.

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