Some Ways to Reduce Hair Loss in Patients with Scalp Psoriasis
17 Tháng 06
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Some Ways to Reduce Hair Loss in Patients with Scalp Psoriasis

Scalp psoriasis can cause itching and pain, and scratching or picking at the scales can damage the scalp and lead to hair loss. This hair loss is usually temporary, and hair will regrow once psoriasis symptoms improve.

To minimize hair loss, patients should avoid scratching or forcefully handling the scalp. Here are some methods to help reduce hair loss in scalp psoriasis patients:

1. Gently Brush and Remove Scales: Lightly remove scales without damaging the hair.
2. Avoid Direct Scale Removal: Picking at scales can worsen psoriasis.
3. Follow Treatment Plans: Use prescribed medications and special shampoos consistently.
4. Trim and File Nails: Short, smooth nails reduce the risk of scalp damage from scratching.
5. Alternate Shampoos: Use medicated and gentle shampoos on alternating days to prevent dryness.
6. Condition Regularly: Conditioner moisturizes the scalp and masks medicinal shampoo odors.
7. Air-Dry Hair: Avoid blow-drying to prevent further drying out the scalp and hair.
8. Test Hair Products: Test hair dyes and styling products on a small area to avoid irritation.
9. Consult Doctors: Inform your dermatologist if treatment feels too harsh.
10. Seek Medical Advice for Persistent Hair Loss: Hair loss can stem from multiple causes; consult your doctor if there’s no improvement.

Hair Styling Considerations for Scalp Psoriasis Patients

Patients should be cautious when styling their hair to avoid exacerbating psoriasis symptoms. Here are some tips:

1. Gentle Haircuts and Styling: Avoid aggressive handling that can trigger psoriasis flare-ups.
2. Avoid Tight Hairstyles: Styles that pull or tighten the hair can irritate the scalp.
3. Limit Heat Styling: Reduce the use of heat tools, and avoid contact with the scalp.
4. Be Cautious with Chemical Treatments: Avoid chemical treatments during flare-ups and consult a doctor for suitable products.


Patients with scalp psoriasis should handle their hair and scalp gently to prevent hair loss and manage psoriasis symptoms effectively. Following medical advice and using appropriate hair care techniques can help maintain healthy hair growth and minimize scalp irritation.

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