Soapnut – Multi-Purpose Natural Soap For Every Vietnamese Family
17 Tháng 05
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Soapnut – Multi-Purpose Natural Soap For Every Vietnamese Family

Soapnut contains saponin, which helps to clean, deodorize, and effectively kill bacteria and mold. Traditionally, it has been used for washing clothes. However, with the development of the chemical industry and the convenience it brings, soapnut has gradually been forgotten.

One day, as a myriad of health issues emerged and harmful chemicals were harshly criticized for being the cause, humanity turned back to nature. Recently, soapnut has been regarded as a natural alternative to chemical-laden cleaning products, not only in Vietnam but also in many developed countries worldwide.

6+ Reasons to Use Soapnut

1. 100% Natural Plant Product: No chemicals, high cleaning ability.
2. Completely Gentle: Suitable for skin, fabrics, and more.
3. Fabric-Friendly: Clothes washed with soapnut retain their texture without deformation, stretching, fading, or fraying, making it perfect for wool, silk, and other fabrics, even at high temperatures.
4. Non-Irritating: Safe for all skin types, including baby skin, eczema, and sensitive skin.
5. Skin Benefits: Washing face or bathing with soapnut helps prevent many skin diseases, fights fungus, and has anti-inflammatory properties.
6. Economical: Depending on temperature and load size, 1kg of soapnut can last a year with 2-3 washes per week. Each soapnut can be reused until the shell is thin and dry, after which it can be used as compost, promoting environmental protection and savings.
7. Biodegradable: 100% biodegradable, non-polluting.

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3 Natural Cosmetic Products Extracted from Soapnut by Heebee

1. Heebee Multi-Purpose Antibacterial Soapnut Hair & Body Wash
   - Combines saponin essence from soapnut, coconut oil, and mixed fruits to clean, support antibacterial action, and remain gentle on the body.
   - Nanotechnology and saponin essence ensure thorough cleaning while maintaining skin and hair softness, protecting from environmental damage with natural foaming agents.
   - Suitable for cleaning various household items while being safe for users.

   - Natural essential oil scents
   - Lemongrass: Helps relax, relieve stress, and uplift the spirit.
   - The product's scent also helps repel mosquitoes and insects after use.

Official Heebee Product Link: Multi-Purpose Antibacterial Soapnut Hair & Body Wash

2. Heebee Collagen Soapnut Shampoo 
   - Unique 2022 version enriched with plant-derived collagen from white fungus (snow mushroom), offering high hydration capabilities.
   - Each snow mushroom collagen molecule provides immediate moisture, hydrating skin and hair cells up to 500 times its weight.
   - A natural solution for hair and scalp care, repairing damage, promoting regrowth, and maintaining healthy hair.
   - Best paired with Heebee Herbal Hair Conditioner for added protection and reduced damage from environmental factors.

Volume: 360ml/500ml shampoo

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3. Heebee Herbal Hair Conditioner
   - Combines six rich herbal oils to protect hair from environmental damage.
   - Silicone-free formula with nanotechnology infuses nutrients and essential oils into hair strands, maintaining natural softness, reducing frizz, and improving shine and moisture.

   - Natural essential oil scents
   - Jasmine: Reduces stress, muscle pain, boosts immunity, and promotes good sleep.
   - Rosemary: Relaxes, soothes headaches, and enhances mental clarity and focus.

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