Principles for Choosing Shampoo & Body Wash for People with Psoriasis
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Principles for Choosing Shampoo & Body Wash for People with Psoriasis

Most people choose scalp and body care products based on factors like fragrance, cleansing, whitening, or skin softening. So, what principles and criteria should be used when selecting shampoo and body wash for people with psoriasis? Let's explore Heebee's article to learn how to choose reliable natural products suitable for people with psoriasis.

Why Use Specific Shampoo and Body Wash for Psoriasis?

Psoriasis is rarely life-threatening but significantly impacts the quality of life and appearance of those affected. The disease causes itching, peeling skin, and the appearance of white scales similar to candle wax.

Therefore, in addition to following the treatment prescribed by a doctor, people with psoriasis should choose an appropriate body wash and shampoo. This can help improve psoriasis symptoms more effectively than just bathing with warm water.

Principles for Choosing Shampoo & Body Wash for Psoriasis

People with psoriasis have more delicate and sensitive skin compared to normal skin. Thus, the selection of shampoo and body wash products for psoriasis must be careful and follow a few principles:

- The product should contain gentle ingredients and avoid harsh detergents to minimize skin irritation.
- Absolutely avoid using body washes containing corticosteroids as they can cause numerous side effects affecting the body.
- Prefer products with mild to moderate antiseptic properties and a balanced pH.
- Choose body washes containing lactic acid and lactoserum to safely moisturize the entire body and prevent allergic reactions.
- Do not scrub the skin vigorously while bathing.
- If any unusual reactions, rashes, or stinging occur during use, stop using the product immediately. If severe allergic reactions occur, visit the nearest medical facility for diagnosis and timely treatment.

Some Natural Shampoo & Body Wash Products for Psoriasis

1. Heebee Soapnut Hair & Body Wash

This product combines Saponin essence from soapnut, coconut oil, and various fruits, offering not only cleansing and antibacterial support but also being gentle on the body. Nano technology combined with Saponin essence ensures thorough cleaning while maintaining the softness of the skin and hair, keeping the skin healthy and protected from harmful environmental impacts.

- Origin: Vietnam
- Price: 350,000 VND / 500ml
- Product Link

2. Heebee Centella Shower Gel

Nano technology supports deep cleansing, combined with Asiaticoside from Centella extract to provide moisture, improve skin regeneration, and maintain natural skin hydration after cleansing. This product enhances skin elasticity, helps prevent stretch marks, reduces wrinkles, and alleviates cellulite, leaving the skin soft, smooth, firm, and healthy.

- Origin: Vietnam
- Price: 260,000 VND / 300ml
- Product Link

3. Heebee Collagen Soapnut Shampoo

The unique feature of the 2022 Heebee Soapnut Shampoo version is the addition of plant-based collagen extracted from snow fungus. This innovation provides a rich source of nutrients, including potent hydrating polysaccharides. Each snow fungus collagen molecule can instantly hydrate each skin and hair cell, providing water content up to 500 times its own weight. This makes it a powerful natural solution for moisturizing and protecting hair from environmental damage.

- Origin: Vietnam
- Price: 260,000 VND / 300ml
- Product Link

4. Heebee Herbal Hair Conditioner

Combines six rich herbal oils to protect hair from environmental damage. The silicone-free formula with Nano technology helps maintain natural smoothness, reduce tangles, and improve hair moisture and shine. It also uses natural essential oils for fragrance, providing relaxation and stress relief.

- Origin: Vietnam
- Price: 260,000 VND / 300ml
- Product Link

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