Multi-Purpose Natural Cleansing Agent Extract From Soapnut
03 Tháng 07
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Multi-Purpose Natural Cleansing Agent Extract From Soapnut

In modern life, the demand for natural, safe, and effective cleaning products is increasing. Understanding this, we introduce Heebee Soapnut Floor Cleaner - a perfect solution for cleaning your home. Extracted from "Soapnut" and combined with modern production technology, this product offers gentleness, antibacterial properties, and superior cleaning efficiency.

Outstanding Features of Heebee Soapnut Floor Cleaner

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1. Quick Cleaning:
   - Heebee Soapnut Floor Cleaner can quickly remove dirt from any surface. With just a few simple actions, you will have a clean and fresh space.

2. Deodorization and Bacteria Elimination:
   - With effective antibacterial properties, the product not only cleans but also deodorizes and eliminates bacteria on surfaces, ensuring safety for your family.

3. Fresh Lemon Grass Essential Oil Fragrance:
   - The natural, gentle scent of lemon grass essential oil not only provides a pleasant feeling but also repels ants and insects, protecting your home from unwanted pests.

4. Safe for Skin:
   - The product does not harm the skin upon contact, ensuring safety for users, including those with sensitive skin.

5. Protection of Surface Durability:
   - In addition to cleaning, Heebee Soapnut Floor Cleaner helps protect the longevity of surfaces such as wooden floors, tiles, and glass, keeping them shiny and beautiful over time.

Why Choose Heebee Soapnut Floor Cleaner?

- Completely Natural Ingredients: With main ingredients from Soapnut and other natural components, the product contains no harmful chemicals, ensuring user health safety.
- Modern Production Technology: Produced with advanced technology, Heebee Soapnut Floor Cleaner guarantees superior quality and maximum effectiveness.
- Suitable for Everyone: The product is suitable for all families, especially those with young children and the elderly.

Instructions for Use:

- Mopping: Mix an adequate amount (50 ml) into a bucket of water (5L), soak the mop, and wipe the dirt. Dilute with water: Mix a small amount of Heebee Soapnut Floor Cleaner into a bucket of water, then use a mop or cloth to clean surfaces.
- Other Cleaning and Sanitizing: Use to clean or remove dirt and grime from other surfaces. Can be diluted with water at a ratio of 1/10. Use whenever needed. Clean the surface: Wipe surfaces such as floors, furniture, glass doors, etc. Use regularly to keep your home clean and fresh. It is recommended to use the product frequently, especially after rainy days or when there is a lot of dust.


The product is especially suitable for families with small children, pregnant women, or people who frequently encounter skin allergies due to contact or respiratory issues.

BRAND: Heebee is a "High-Tech Natural Cosmetics" brand, applying modern science to create beauty and body care products "100% FROM NATURAL INGREDIENTS". Heebee was born with the mission of restoring the folk methods of the East Asians in the most natural way.



Heebee Soapnut Floor Cleaner is the perfect choice for those looking for a natural, safe, and effective cleaning product. With many outstanding advantages and great uses, the product not only helps you clean your home but also protects the health of the entire family. Experience it now to feel the difference!

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