Concept and Classification of Natural Cosmetics - Herbal Shampoo
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Concept and Classification of Natural Cosmetics - Herbal Shampoo

Natural cosmetics are currently a popular trend, favored for their benefits and safety for the skin. Many people are curious about what exactly natural cosmetics are, the different types available, and how to choose the right products.

Heebee's is here to provide answers with the following useful information.

What are natural cosmetics?

Natural cosmetics (organic cosmetics) are products made entirely from natural sources. Unlike chemical cosmetics, natural cosmetics are extracted from plants such as flowers, fruits, roots, and herbs.

These products are created through manual processing or using technological equipment to address specific skin issues. The market offers a diverse range of natural cosmetics for skin care, nourishment, and treatment.

To ensure product efficacy and safety for consumers, natural cosmetics must be certified by:

1. NPA (Natural Products Association)**: Cosmetics must contain at least 95% natural ingredients (excluding water) and must not contain petroleum-related ingredients or other synthetic substances.
2. Ecocert for Natural Cosmetic Label**: Cosmetics must have at least 50% plant-based ingredients and at least 5% organic ingredients.

Types of Natural Cosmetics

Natural cosmetics are categorized into four types, each with distinct characteristics and benefits for the skin:

1. Natural Cosmetics
   - These products contain natural extracts such as olive oil, green tea, sodium chloride, water, beeswax, animal fats, and fragrances. They do not include parabens, petrochemicals, synthetic substances, or artificial colors, making them safe and gentle for the skin.

2. Organic Cosmetics
   - Organic cosmetics are derived from naturally grown plants without growth stimulants. They are considered the safest, environmentally friendly, and highly trusted. However, the production standards for organic cosmetics vary globally. For example, in the U.S., organic cosmetics must contain at least 70% organic ingredients, while Japan requires a minimum of 70% organic content. Vietnam currently imports organic cosmetics due to insufficient local production conditions.

3. Chemical-Free Cosmetics
   - These cosmetics contain no chemical ingredients and are extracted from plants like vegetables, fruits, and flowers, providing abundant vitamins and minerals for the skin. They may also include extracts from roots, stems, and leaves for specific skin treatments.

4. Vegan Cosmetics
   - Vegan cosmetics contain only natural ingredients and exclude any animal-related substances like beeswax and fish oil. They are known for their gentleness and environmental friendliness.

How to Choose the Best Natural Cosmetics for Hair and Body Care

Using natural cosmetics is a popular trend. To maximize their benefits, it's essential to choose the right, high-quality products. Here’s how:

1. Choose Products According to Skin Type
   - For Dry Skin: Select products with ingredients like aloe vera, honey, olive oil, and coconut oil to provide moisture and improve skin conditions, especially in dry weather.
   - For Oily Skin: Choose products with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredients to control sebum and prevent acne.
   - For Combination Skin: Opt for products with honey, turmeric, and green tea extracts for their antibacterial and exfoliating properties.
   - For Sensitive Skin: Most natural cosmetics are safe for sensitive skin, but always perform a patch test to avoid allergic reactions.

2. Read Ingredient Lists Carefully
   - Ensure the product is suitable for your skincare needs and free from harmful chemicals. Some natural cosmetics might not be entirely natural, so check the ingredient list thoroughly.

3. Pay Attention to Expiry Dates
   - Natural cosmetics typically last 3-6 months after opening. Discard any product that changes in texture, color, or smell. Store products as directed on the packaging to maintain their quality.

4. Commitment to Consumers and the Environment

Heebee's products are committed to being free of parabens, silicon, sulfates, heavy metals, and synthetic fragrances.

Recommended Natural Products for Hair and Body Care

1. Heebee Collagen Soapnut Shampoo
   - Contains plant-based collagen from white fungus, providing intense hydration and nourishment for hair and scalp.

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2. Heebee Herbal Hair Conditioner
   - Protects hair from damage, reduces oiliness, and improves hair texture with nano-technology.

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3. Heebee Ginger Shampoo
   - Reduces hair loss and promotes growth with ginger extracts, improving scalp health.

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4. Heebee Ginger Hair Conditioner
   - Strengthens hair from within, reduces oxidation, and protects from environmental damage.

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5. Heebee Soapnut Hair & Body Wash
   - Combines saponin, coconut oil, and fruits for gentle cleaning and antibacterial protection.

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As a smart consumer of natural cosmetics, always choose authentic Heebee products from Heebee's Vietnam!

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