5 Benifits Of Cold-Pressed Coconut Oil For Health & Beauty
27 Tháng 06
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5 Benifits Of Cold-Pressed Coconut Oil For Health & Beauty

1. Health Benefits

Virgin Coconut Oil contains essential minerals and fat-soluble vitamins like calcium, magnesium, beta-carotene, vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin C, and vitamin E, which the body can absorb immediately, benefiting overall health.

For those avoiding fats: Coconut oil provides fewer calories (8.6 kcal per gram) compared to other oils (9 kcal per gram). Saturated fatty acids in coconut oil do not cause obesity and are beneficial for weight loss by boosting metabolism for up to 24 hours, reducing calorie accumulation as fat.

Digestive benefits: Coconut oil's moderate saturated fats improve colon function, promoting digestion. However, initial consumption may cause diarrhea; if persistent, it may not suit your body's microelements.

Bone care: Nutrients in coconut oil, rich in essential minerals like calcium and magnesium, strengthen bones and aid recovery after injury.

Pregnancy benefits: Beneficial for both mother and baby, enhancing immunity and increasing breast milk value. Rich in calcium and magnesium, it strengthens bones and teeth, preventing osteoporosis or calcium loss during pregnancy.

Stress relief: Rich in caprylic acid and carbolic acid, it aids relaxation and improves sleep, reducing chronic fatigue, stress, and anxiety.

2. Beauty Benefits

Anti-bacterial for acne: Coconut oil contains medium-chain fatty acids like lauric acid and capric acid, which are antibacterial. Apply directly to acne-prone skin, leave for 15-20 minutes, then rinse with facial cleanser.

Moisturizer: Coconut oil is excellent for moisturizing dry or damaged skin. It's also a key ingredient in many lip balms, providing some sun protection (SPF 4).

Facial exfoliant: Mix coconut oil with baking soda, sugar, cinnamon, or oatmeal. Apply the mixture to the face and massage gently.

Hair care: Coconut oil strengthens hair and treats damage. Massage into the scalp, leave for 10 minutes, then rinse. It effectively treats dandruff; massage into the scalp to alleviate symptoms like itching or flaking.

Massage: Coconut oil soothes muscle fatigue and pain. For enhanced effect, add a few drops of essential oil.

Slimming: Increases metabolism, improves thyroid function, and supports safe weight loss.

3. Medicinal Benefits

Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties:** Helps prevent certain diseases.

Reduces chronic disease risk: Lowers bad cholesterol (LDL) and increases good cholesterol (HDL), reducing the risk of degenerative diseases like diabetes, hypertension, obesity, heart disease, liver disease, and kidney disease.

Fungal disease prevention: Strong antifungal properties prevent fungal diseases. Adding oregano or tea tree essential oil enhances antifungal effect.

Sore throat relief: Gargling with a spoonful of coconut oil reduces throat pain and swelling, preventing infection.

Psoriasis treatment: Apply to affected skin to kill fungi. Add tea tree oil for enhanced infection prevention.

Chickenpox itch relief: Reduces itchiness from chickenpox and insect bites.

Sunburn relief: Applying coconut oil prevents sunburn and reduces burning sensation from sunburn.

Hemorrhoid relief: Reduces pain and discomfort caused by hemorrhoids.

Mouth ulcer treatment: Apply to mouth ulcers to reduce pain and prevent infection.

4. Weight Loss Benefits

Medium-chain fatty acids in coconut oil support weight loss by reducing belly fat in women. They aid digestion and improve thyroid and endocrine gland function. Consuming 1-2 tablespoons before lunch or when hungry supports effective weight loss by curbing appetite.

However, overuse can lead to weight gain due to high calorie and fat content. One tablespoon contains 13.6 grams of fat and 117 kcal.

5. Culinary Uses

Use coconut oil in smoothies, yogurt, soups, coffee, tea, or stews. It enhances flavor. Melt coconut oil before adding to smoothies or yogurt, stir well, and enjoy the rich taste. It can also be added to soups and favorite drinks.


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